Role of Casein and Gluten in Autism Diet Plan

role of casein and gluten in autism diet plan In my previous article, I have highlighted Healthy Diet Plan for an autistic kid. I also read an article somewhere and it was about the diet of autistic children. There was a child named risk. He was diagnosed with an autism disorder when he was 6 years old. When he was 8 years old he was really aggressive and behaves very rudely with everyone. He was eating a normal diet but he was not very strong. Someone told his mother to change the diet of her son.

She went to the doctor and the doctor suggested starting the diet plan of GFCFSF. When she starts the diet plan she saw a change in the behavior of her child and he was improving and it was because of the diet plan she was giving her child. Now her son is behaving better as compare to the past and strong as well. So it is important to use the diet plan of GFCFSF for autistic children.

What is Gluten?

Gluten is basically a protein which is found in rye, wheat, and barley. Because of the risk of cross-contamination, with the gluten oats is mostly avoided as well, gluten contains grains during the process of harvesting.

The reason for Avoiding Gluten from ASD children’s Diet.

According to the research, it has been said that people with ASD have an abnormal immune digest. It is because if the protein that is in the gluten. So in the diet of GFCFSF, it is not included so that is why this diet plan is recommended for the Autism disorder people.

Foods that Commonly Contains Gluten

There are different foods that we use in our daily routine but there are some foods that contain gluten that includes cake, donuts, flour, bread, alcohol, cereal, pasta, sauce thickeners, vinegar and etc.

Abyssinian hard (wheat Triticum durum)
Alcohol (spirits – specific types, unless distilled)
Baking powder (verify ingredients)
Baking soda (verify ingredients)
Barley flour
Barley Hordeum vulgare
Barley malt
Bleached all-purpose flour
Bouillon cubes or powder
Bread flour
Broth, prepackaged
Brown flour
Bulgur (bulgur wheat/nuts)
Caramel color
Cereal binding
Cereal extract
Chorizo (read label)
Coffee creamer substitute (grain based)
Cracker meal
Durum, durum flour
Edible starch
Einkorn wheat
Enriched flour
Fu (dried wheat gluten )
Glutamate (free)
Glutamic acid
Gluten flour
Graham flour
Granary flour
Gravy cubes
Gravy mixes (unless homemade with cornstarch)
Ground spices (some contain gluten)
Gum base
Hard Triticum
Hard wheat
Herbs with wheat fillers
High gluten flour
High protein flour
Hydrolyzed oat starch
Hydrolyzed plant protein (HPP)
Hydrolyzed vegetable protein HVP
Job’s Tears (aka pearl barley)
Kamut (pasta wheat)
Malt extract
Malt flavoring
Malt syrup
Malt vinegar
Modified food starch (source is either corn or wheat)
MSG (made outside the USA)
Mustard powder (some contain gluten)
Oat flour
Oats (Oats themselves do not contain gluten, but are almost always processed with gluten)
Pearl barley
Potassium caseinate
Rice malt (contains barley or Koji)
Rice syrup (unless specified GF, it contains barley enzymes)
Rye semolina
Sauce mixes (read labels carefully, often contain wheat)
Semolina Triticum
Shoyu (soy sauce)
Small spelt
Soba noodles
Sodium caseinate (contains MSG)
Soy sauce (unless specified GF)
Spelled Triticum spelta
Spices with wheat fillers
Spirits (specific types, distilled is GF)
Starch (outside the USA)
Stock cubes (many contain gluten)
Strong flour
Suet in packets
Teriyaki sauce
Triticale X trip cosec ale
Udon (wheat noodles)
Vegetable starch
Vital gluten
Vitamins (some contain gluten)
Wheat bran
Wheat durum-Triticum
Wheat flour
Wheat germ
Wheat gluten
Wheat malt
Wheat nuts
Wheat oats
Wheat pasta
Wheat starch
Wheat Triticum aestivum
Wheat Triticum mono occur
White flour
Whole-Meal flour

What is Casein?

Caseins is basically a protein that is found in the mammal’s milk. Mammals include goat, cow, camels, sheep, yaks, buffalo and humans. Casein is also found in a mother’s milk even if she is one the diet of GFCFSF.

Foods that Contains Casein

Artificial butter flavor
Butter oil
Casein (casein hydrolysate)
Caseinates (in all forms)
Condensed milk
Cottage cheese
Dry milk
Evaporated milk
Goat’s milk
Half & Half
Hot dogs
Lactalbumin phosphate
Lactic acid starter culture (may contain milk)
Low-fat Milk fat
Magnesium caseinate
Malted Milk Margarine
Milk (in all forms including condensed, derivative, dry, evaporated, goat’s milk, and milk for other animals, low-fat, malted, milkfat, nonfat, powder, protein, skimmed, solids, whole)
Milk cheese lactose
Milk powder
Milk protein
Milk solids
Naturlose (sweetener derived from whey)
Non-dairy creamer butter
Nonfat milk
Powdered Milk
Rennet casein
Skim milk
Sodium lactylate (may or may not contain casein)
Sour cream
Sour cream solids
Sour milk solids
Tagatose (sweetener derived from whey)
Whey in all forms (including sweet, lactose, protein concentrate)
Whole milk

Result after Using the Diet of GFCFSF

According to the research, after using the diet plan of GFCFSF the children have improved a lot in their behavior and it is because of the diet free from protein in Gluten and Casein. Especially it helps the improvement of behavior issues of the children.

Clinically it has been proved that the diet plan has a lot of benefits for the ASD people and children and when you will stick to the plan you will see the difference yourself.

I recommend that the parents firstly consult to the specialists because all the children are not same and they have different behaviors and sensitivities. So it is better to check everything and do complete medication and examination of the child before starting the diet plan. So once you will start the diet plan after consulting the doctor it will surely work positively and if you will feel any changes in the child that does not seems positive you can suddenly consult the doctor for betterment.