Motivating kids to do vacation homework


School Home works have been a bone of contention for most kids and parents. Practice makes a man perfect is the motive behind all these homework assignments. Most of the kids are given homework every day by the educators to develop in them the skill of time management, work habits, responsibilities and organization. The homework is taken positively by a small group of children in the world. These geniuses complete their work without the help of the parents. They stick with their work until completion and are so responsible that they even self check their work for perfection. Such a class of children although very small in number is a blessing for their parents and the educators.

However, the majority of kids fall into a more common and a much larger group who would rather prefer to do anything but not homework. Their home at the time of homework is like a battle ground for this very lazy group of kids.

You want them to do what they don’t want

Wanting your child to do something that he is not willing to do or to stop him from something that he is enjoying a lot is not an easy goal. Parents have been very seriously concerned, involved and in fact indulged in this parenting issue that it has grabbed the focus of high level research. A lot of research has been carried out in this respect and researchers have come across some very productive results which if applied religiously would lessen the communication gap between the parent and child making the life much healthier and happier for both of them.

The head on support.

When the child has all sorts of his homework he might get so much devastated that he might end before starting it. The parent at this moment needs to sit with the child and discuss the work load. Involve in a planning discussion asking him to explain how he intends to tackle the homework. This little exercise will reduce the pressure from the little mind. You don’t need to do it for him but just be a counselor.

Limited distraction

Too much or difficult homework with a lot of noise distraction in the house would add up to the botheration of the child. The noise from television, telephonic conversations, and kids playing with toys making sound are all sources of distractions for the small child attempting to climb a mountain. It is really very hard to focus if the problem is difficult. Plan the homework with the child for the time when the television is off and the atmosphere is mostly quiet in the surrounding. Even better would be the introduction of a ‘Brain hour’ for the family during which most adults especially and even kids are involved in some activity that needs mind work with concentration.

Organize work Schedule

Whatever the homework be there are times during the day when the kid is able to concentrate easily and for a long time. Start a routine with the optimum homework time and stick to it, motivating the child on the outcome of following it.


Instead of bribing the child for some doing homework an alternate approach would be to reveal the importance of doing something at the proper time and in the proper way. Make the child feel the pride and ownership after accomplishing something which would have a positive impact on his personality. This impact on his personality will be on long term basis. A child who has learned a new skill like mastering one of his new toy makes him so thrilled and enthusiastic that it becomes hard to stop it. This feeling of success has a long time affect on his confidence. According to a researcher for a child “the feeling of mastery is tremendously motivating”.

Do not expect kids to be perfect

If a child has been lazy to start his home work or not willing to work at all, parents should put themselves in the child shoes and try to figure out the root cause of the problem. You want the kid to complete his school homework but there could be a possibility that the child is tired normally at this time. Keep away from scolding the child and instead give him time to take rest and also after may be some time help him plan his homework. Very politely reveal the benefits he would get after doing his homework. The strategy of considerate parent should always be to be a guide and a facilitator instead of a dictator. A considerate parent is often in touch with the child when he is involved in completing his home work because this kind of backing and tapping adds to the absorbable atmosphere at home that the child likes most. At the end of the homework even asking the child how he feels when he has done his home work. What are his inner feelings? Talking about the satisfaction the child gets after completing his homework becomes a morale booster for his future maneuvers because most of the kids don’t possess the vision of achievement.

Another strategy that can be very effective is by showing your concern towards the problem the child faces in doing his homework. Offer your sincere help in the completion of his homework. At times when there is homework problems it is very wise to sit with the child and go deep down in the problem with the kid, let the kid reveal his actual shortcomings and reasons for unwillingness to do homework and also let him come out with his best solution. See the solution from the eye of the child and then suggest any of yours based on a pure productive argument. This strategy would put you and the child on the same side and not in a battle field. Often the solutions offered by a child for problematic behavior works better than the one put forward by the parent because the children are then committed to see their solution pass.

Reflecting with positivity on the way the kids are doing with their responsibilities is a big motivator. Instead of just rewarding a trip to the park for completing homework at an earlier than time, discuss also the child feeling of achievement on completion of work. Also one can show that early completion of homework allowed time for games and fun of choice.

Organize the child’s work area.

Parents should also make sure that the kids have the correct and complete tools to complete their home assignments. A child to attempt a geometry question would definitely need a protractor, make sure he has it before he starts to do his homework. A break due to material shortage would break his rhythm which might affect his working. Sit with him and finalize the utensils needed for the completion of homework. A supply list is often sent home by the teachers at the start of the session. Take your kid along with that list and let him shop for himself.

Once the material are bought set up the essential supplies at most easily assessable distance. It is always motivating to make him the captain of the material set up team.