Learning specialty in a child

learning specialty

Today we are going to understand about the children who are special and unique in their learning skills. Normally people call it a learning disability? I think never use the word disability. Since this is the word hurts you and your child and always makes you feel inferior to others. You can see many such kids, even teenage boys who learn in their own way. Some very slowly and some with few techniques. You need to understand the issue and. later that cannot be solved. Being a teacher, I know how challenging it is for a child who learns in his own way.

I have read a post somewhere that there were teenage boys and girls were diagnosed having learning disabilities, are now very successful in their field. Most of the teachers do accept teaching these special students but it is only because of big paychecks and they do not know how to tackle them. Also, you can find a lot of tutors helping the students in achieving their goals and targets.

I must say, it is the duty of all of us to help and motivate such students having difficulty in understanding the way a normal student understand.  It is not only about making such plans for the student may learn best but it is also very important for a teacher to help the student in learning and how they can learn better and easily. First things what a teacher must do is to

  • Build the self-confidence in the student that they can do it.
  • Make them realize they are not less than other students
  • Corporate with the student during the learning session.
  • Discuss with parents so they must understand the learning disability of their child and find the better solution for the home.

You can see numerous such examples in your daily life, where people doesn’t stop learning or teaching but they do it in their own way. You need to point out what special ability they possess.

Following are some of the important points you should know about uniqueness a special student normally have:

Average IQ’s or may be above average

Do you know what sort of learning specialty is this? It means that the learning or an academic performance of a child is lower as compare to other children. The IQ needs to be average or above average.

learn their way

Learn but in their own way.

There are many people are slow in learning. But it does not mean that they cannot learn anything. Let’s take it another way that people having the slowness in learning a usual thing, can learn for sure but in a different way. In a smaller group or individually these students of learning specialty will learn best. The teachers and parents must understand this reality that if the child is uncomfortable in the classroom with many students so give a comfortable environment to the children and make him learn the way he wants.

Difficulties in learning the usual things but expert in other things

You might have heard that if someone is weak in one side so that person will be an expert on the other side. Like if a child is having the learning disability so he might be an expert in creativity. Most children are perfect in arts and used to create so beautiful pictures. So we can’t blame them for their learning weaknesses and disability.

Try different environment

Those students having learning disabilities it means they are not comfortable with something and that specific thing is stopping them from learning or becoming a barrier. Well, it is not necessary that studying with many kids in the class is the best solution. Most of the students are comfortable alone or in few children. So sometimes this gathering is an issue for the learning and becoming a barrier to the learning of the child. The best thing is to give a free hand and a comfortable environment where the child can study comfortably.

Tutoring for learning specialty and brain training are two different things.

Always keep in mind that providing tuition is not the best solution always. Certain things must be the best solution, parents and teachers must understand this reality that providing tuition is not always the solution but understand the thinking and brain training is sometimes the best solution. Try to figure out what the student want actually and what makes the child learn and try to do that thing. Having an expensive tuition will not satisfy the thinking of the child having the learning disability.

Smart and really active kids can also be special in their learning style.

We always think that the children who seem lazy and quiet might have the learning specialty who are active in all activities are perfect in every aspect. This is wrong. We cannot judge each and every child in the world but this is the fact that those children who are perfect in other activities are also involved in learning specialties. So never judge a child who is quiet and do not response actively in the class.

The physical fitness improves the ability to learn.

Try to do some exercise and make yourself involve in physical activity. This will also help in improving the difficulty in learning. If you will do the exercise regularly you will see the difference and how you will be able to learn easily. So you will see the difference yourself in your health as well as learning power will also improve. Since kids having special needs have a lot of energy and to make them focused they have to be tired.