Improving the communication skills of autistic children

There are many peopautistic children communicationle in this world having children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Those who have autistic children they know better that it is very much difficult to communicate with an autistic child and not only communicating understanding their point and feeling is one another difficult issue. That can also be one of the reasons for their aggression because they are not able to communicate properly not even with their parents.

Bringing out your autistic child from that mental stress by understanding how to communicate with an autistic child. It is really important for the parents to learn the tips and ways of communicating with an autistic child. In order to improve the communication with them, at first, you need to understand the different stages of communication development.

Pre-Intentional Communication

The pre-intentional communication is that the autistic child communicates without intending and it also affects other people around the child. This way of communicating is basically to take other’s attention or in a reaction to any situation.

Intentional Communication

The meaning of intentional communication is that when the autistic child wishes to communicate with any person. It can be anything that is like sharing something, asking any question, making any type of wish etc.

Stages of Communication

  • Self Stage

In the self-stage, the children will be self-absorbed and they will mostly do the pre-intentional communication and these types of children also avoid an eye contact and direct interactions with other people.

  • Want Stage

In the want stage, the children realize that through their actions other people understand and other people are having an effect on their speech or acts. They ask for their needs and wants and they started pulling things in front of others to get other’s attention.

  • Two Way Stage

The meaning of two-way communication means that the children will start asking for things and they might shift their gaze and they will also show their anger as well. They will confidently ask for things which they want.

  • Conversation Stage

In this communication stage, the autistic child is confident enough to communicate with people and they also become an effective communicator with others. If the environment is new or stressful it might make the child speak uncomfortable or using repetitive phrases. They take the time to come to normal conversation.

How can the parents of Autistic children help in developing their communication skills?

  • Become a Teacher of your Child

Parents have to be very caring and concerned about their children. They must ask the child again and again if they need something and try to make your child busy and let them do what they want. Guide them if they are doing something wrong.

  • Slow Down when Hyper

The children of ASD might be stressful according to their disorder. When your child is doing something like eating food, wearing shoes, getting ready etc so you have to be with your child to make them calm and make them feel relax and if they are unable to do it just do their work. Never react if they have done something wrong just take it positively and deal it with positive behavior.

  • Encourage them Interacting with other kids

Encourage your child in every moment and stage of life. Make them talk to other kids and play with them. Let them interact with other kids and that will improve the speaking power of your kids. They will be angry or they will be sad but motivate them to be with others. Encourage them to live in the social world.

  • Follow their Words and Mind

Let your child participate in different things and let them be with others. This will encourage the child and let them take their own decisions and it will also improve their condition and will be very beneficial that includes decision making power, planning, communicating practice, dealing with people etc. This will perfectly develop the communication skills of your child. It is the responsibility of parents to understand the signals of their children. Observe their words and try to understand their speech and what they want exactly.

  • Create Different Opportunities for Them

Always remember one thing that practice makes perfect. When you see any of the opportunity for your autistic child that can make the communication skills of your child so always avail it. Give an opportunity to your children to ask different questions and make requests. When you are meeting someone so make sure that your child knows that person or comfortable with that person if not try to avoid meeting them in front of your child this will irritate the child and disturb the mind.

Help the Autistic Child in Understanding what is Said to Them

There are many situations in which autistic children do not understand what is happening or what is being dais to them. Most of the times they are able to understand the directions like what the other person is trying to say. There are many autistic children who have the overload issues of sensory. This can cause many issues for these children who have already faced this before. It is totally up to the parents to know that issues of their children and do not let anything wrong happen with the child in terms of behavior and communication.

  • Talk Slowly and in a Simple Way

If the children are in a new environment and with new people try to use single and easy words to make them understandable. Talk slowly with them so they will easily understand the meaning and pick up the words. When you will talk slowly and use easy words the children will pick up easily and respond.

  • Use Sign Language

ASL and BSL are the sign languages for ASD children. Try to use the sign language and if the children will have command over it so this will also improve the communication skills of your children and also improve the comprehension. This sign language is really beneficial for autistic children.