Healthy Diet Plan for an Autistic Child

Healthy Diet Plan

Being the parents of autistic kids, you may have noticed difficulties in eating choices of your kid. Some parents face problems in terms of feeding their children. It is difficult to treat the autistic children with their meals.

Diana was an autistic child and she was 3 years old. Whatever her mother give her to eat she start making faces or whatever her mother cook she avoid eating it. Slowly she stops eating the food and most of the times she complains whenever her mother gives her food. After few days she disagrees to eat food and that was really surprising for her parents because her health was also getting down day by day due to lack of diet.

She went to the doctor and the doctor recommended her to use a proper diet plan for her and try to cook those foods which she likes and she accepts the taste. She also recommended her the diet plan of GFCF and the mother started following the plan and Diana started eating regular food. It is better to use the GFCF plan for autistic children.

  • What is GFCF Diet Plan?

GFCF stands for Gluten free Casein free. This is the diet plan specially created for autism people. The diet plan of GFCF is very much common among the autism people.

Gluten: is basically a protein and it is part of wheat, rye, and barley. It is also found in semolina, food starches, some vinegar, malt, couscous, flavorings, soy sauce, hydrolyzed vegetable proteins and artificial colors.

Casein is a protein that is basically found in milk and those products containing milk. Food that includes butter, cheese, ice cream, and yogurt. Casein is also added in the no milk products that include hot dogs and soy cheese.

  • Changing Behavior of Autism through Diet

In most of the children, it has been seen that they do not easily digest the casein and gluten. It is very important to consult the doctor before adding the GFCF diet into the routine of an autistic child.

  • GFCFAF Diet Plan for 10 Weeks

The best time to start working on the diet plan of an autistic child is the summer school breaks and winter school breaks. In this time the kid will spend all of his/her time with you and you will easily be able to understand the changes. Let’s have a look at the diet plan of 10 weeks.

Week 1-2

First of all, you will remove all the casein from the diet that includes ice cream, milk, cheese, sour cream etc. You will not replace the food with soy. Start giving calcium supplements to the then child.

Week 3-4

Remove gluten from the diet or gluten food like oats, rye, barley, and wheat etc.

Week 5-6

You will remove the soy from the diet and food that is made of soy. Now your child is completely on the diet.

Week 7-8

In this week you will recheck everything once again and refine the diet.

Week 9-10

In this week you will again check everything and refine the diet. If needed you can do the inventory of carbohydrates and try to adjust the diet to good levels.

  • Hints for the Successful Diet

This is true when you are about to set up the schedule for GFCFSF, it is a really difficult task for both parents and child to manage the plan and get used to the plan. The children mostly regress when the food is replaced with some other food which is totally new for them and they are not used to it. If you change the food and it is up to you how can you stick to it and how you can motivate your child to use the same diet plan.

  • How can you make it easier for the Parents?

As we all know that diverting an autistic child to the new plan is not that easy and when you make them eat the food which is new for them is really hard to manage because some autistic children are very sensitive to the taste.


According to the research, it has been observed that 91% of ASD kids have improved a lot by using the diet of GFCFSF. The main purpose of using this diet plan is to make your child healthier and strong which is the main goal of parents. This is true that this diet plan is confusing for the parents firstly but it works perfectly. But whatever information you need related to the diet is available on the website of TACA.

Don’t give Things those are not included in the Diet Plan

If you will give such things to your autistic children that are not included in the diet plan so you must keep in mind that the diet plan is of no use because once you are on diet plan so try to stick to the plan and do not use anything that is apart from the diet plan.

I have removed all the no diet foods from my kitchen because I know it is harmful to the health of my child and I told everyone does not bring anything for my child because he is autistic and he cannot eat anything that is not included in the diet plan.

Research before Starting Diet Plan

It is really important for the parents to do complete research before starting the diet plan of your autistic child because parents should know what is good and what is harmful to the child and what things can be included in the plan and what is excluded in the plan.

Do the Blood Test for Food Sensitivities

There are many autistic people have food sensitivities. They have allergies and it is sometimes because of an ingredient or any food supplement so it is important to do the blood test to make sure if there is any sensitivity found and what food occurs the sensitivity.

I have started using the diet plan for my child and now my child is on the diet plan for a year and I can see the difference in my child after starting the diet plan and now I can see the behavior changes and my child is more strong and easily accepts the changes in the diet and also in environment.