Early marriage pregnancy problems

early marriage pregnancy

A teenage girl and she were only 15 years old. She gave birth to a baby boy at the age of 16. She was so depressed and she was not able to say anything to anyone and it is because she was mentally disturbed and her husband left her after 6 months of their marriage and she suffered a lot during pregnancy. Due to lack of diet and medication, she gave birth to a premature baby was very weak. She has no place to go and her family also didn’t accept her after her divorce. Today she is working as a maid at a place and surviving with her baby.

The practice of marrying young girls is very common in South Asia and Africa. However, marrying girls in early age is very common and also included in the tradition and lifestyle of North Africa, Middle East and other parts of Asia. The girls are getting married at the age of 16 to 18 and this is quite normal for them. But in some cases, the girls between the ages of 14 to 16 are also ready for marriage according to their parents and tradition. That causes different problems for the girls when she gets pregnant at the early age. Now let’s have a look at some of the common problems of early marriage.

Early Pregnancy: Medical risks and realities

As we all know that the risk of early pregnancy is not hidden and it is evident that getting pregnant in early age is can be harmful to the health of the mother as well as for the baby. Early pregnancy increases the risk of dying of mother or the baby, the birth of a premature baby, complications during the delivery. Deaths during pregnancy are very common and it is the cause of getting pregnant between the ages of 15-19. Women have babies under the age of 15 have more chances of dying at the age of their twenties.

Future maternal health and childbearing

It is the tradition in some of the cultures that people take their children as their resource to earn money rather than consider them as their assets. That is why the women are under pressure to produce more children and most of them have to be boys. The family policies also tried a lot to reduce the population size by focusing on the financial, social, environmental growth and lack of resources.

Lack of prenatal Care

When the girl is pregnant she needs a lot of parental care in every step of their pregnancy.  Especially in the first three months of pregnancy, a girl needs a lot of prenatal care. Prenatal care plays a key role in any pregnancy because they are always alert and ready to deal with any type of complications. Every girl must use the prenatal care folic acid and vitamins before getting pregnant. This helps in preventing the certain birth defects and the chances of risks also decrease. In early marriages, the girls are lacking in the vitamins and folic acid and also the prenatal care which is quite necessary for them. So this is a big mistake which happens in early marriage pregnancies.

High Blood Pressure

Teens that are pregnant are at a high risk of getting high blood pressure. This is also called in pregnancy hypertension. They also have a high risk of preeclampsia. This is a very serious medical condition of blood pressure in which pregnant women suffers a lot during their pregnancy. The result of this high blood pressure is having excess protein in the urine, swelling in mother’s hand and face and also damaging the organs.

The pregnant teens get affected and they are at high risk. To control such symptoms the teens need to take some serious medications. The result of this complication is the premature baby and also has complications in pregnancy.

Premature Birth

The time period of complete pregnancy is 40 weeks. The time period of delivering the baby is 37 weeks. Delivering the baby before time is known as the premature delivery. The chances of premature can be treated by using different medications and bed rest. If the baby is born before the time the chances and risk of respiratory, digestive, vision, cognitive, and other problems.

Low weight of Baby when Birth

Teens have a lot of risk of having babies with low weight. The premature babies have less weight as compare to other babies. It is only because of they have very less time in the womb. Babies are having less weight must be kept on the ventilator and in the special care unit.

Feeling Isolated

The teens who are pregnant can’t share their feelings and situation with their parents or with anyone. They feel that they have been in a cage feeling alone, or in a real problem. They have no support during their pregnancy and they do not have a proper diet. They do not get time to take some rest and that is why they lack to have prenatal care as well. They must have latest one supported trust. They do need a morally support and need someone to take care of them emotionally. This will give them a healthy environment in this sensitive period.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases STDs

Sex during pregnancy is really harmful to the pregnant women. The chances of having different diseases are also increased that includes HIV and Chlamydia is the major problems. The husband must use good quality condoms to prevent.

Postpartum Depression

Depression is mostly found in women during their pregnancies. This is also true that pregnant teens also mostly involved in Postpartum Depression. This depression mostly starts after the delivery. According to the research, girls are involved in depression is only because they have no one to talk with or to share their feelings. They must talk to someone or ever to their doctors openly so that is how the level of depression will be decreased. If they will not speak up they will start doing violence to their own children.  After releasing the stress they can easily take good care of their babies. This is a problem which can easily be treated.