Most common miscarriage causes

Miscarriage causes

I had a little girl and she was so cute and healthy. After the 1st baby, we both planned to have our next baby early. After a year I got pregnant and I was so happy and excited and wanted to share this news with my husband but he was out of the city, and I was waiting for him to come back. But unfortunately my stomach started painting and I got a miscarriage. The pregnancy was 1 and half months and I didn’t understand what happens suddenly and it was really surprising to me and I was shocked what had happened suddenly. When I tried to figure out the reason the doctor said there is no reason for that. Miscarriage at early pregnancies is very common.

But all the miscarriages are not like that there are some common reasons for having miscarriages and those who are pregnant need to very careful about these conditions.

Chromosomal Abnormalities

The reason for 60% miscarriages is the mismatching of chromosomes. In each cell, the chromosomes are tiny structures that basically out our genes. Each of us has 23 pairs of them. One set is from our mother and the other set is from our father. When the eggs and sperm meet with each other and most of them become faulty and the chromosomes do not line up completely. This means the pregnancy is in abnormality and the result is the miscarriage.

Thyroid disorders

When the thyroid is too high or too low it can also be one of the causes of miscarriage. The problem of thyroid can lead to the problem of infertility and become one of the causes of miscarriage. According to the research, it has been observed that if the thyroid of a woman is low so her body will try to compensate by producing more hormones that will actually suppress the ovulation. When the body is producing too many hormones it is also very harmful for the body so it will also start abnormally bleeding which can lead to a miscarriage.


Patients having diabetes must consult their doctor when they are pregnant because there is a lot of a chance to diabetic people of miscarriage. They must do their regular sugar test and blood test and find out ways to control their sugar. They must avoid eating sweet and try to control their sugar level.

Life Style

TThere are most of the women are used to having drugs, alcohol and taking different medicines like sleeping pills and etc. They have no idea how harmful these things are for the baby and during pregnancy they must avoid using all these things. The first three months of pregnancy are very sensitive and the women must not eat or drink anything that can be harmful. This is one of the most common causes of a miscarriage and pregnant women must change their lifestyle when they become pregnant.

Immunologic disorders

This is the disorder which is commonly found in women and this is simply a disorder which has been explained like it is simply a disorder in which the body does not accept the pregnancy and then it turns to the miscarriage.

Physical Complications

This also happens but not very commonly that if the mother has physical problems that also cause the miscarriage. Some of the problems in mother include uterine abnormalities that include the septum or the polyps, incompetency of cervical; the mother must be careful when she is pregnant and make sure about the complications.

Disorders of Blood Clotting

Blood clotting is a very common reason for miscarriage and most of the pregnancies are lost due to the blood clotting and that is why the doctors recommend to the mothers that they must be careful in the first three months of pregnancy because if the women takes stress, do a lot of hard work then the clotting started and causes the miscarriage.


We mostly think that the infections are not harmful for the pregnant women but it is wrong because there are some infections that can be the reason of miscarriage. That is why the pregnant mother has to be very careful about infections and avoid going to such places, where there is a chance of being infected. Some of the infections that can cause miscarriage are. * rubella (german measles) * cytomegalovirus * bacterial vaginosis * HIV * chlamydia * gonorrhoea * syphilis * malaria

Food Poison

Food poison is basically an infection in which the patient starts vomiting and diarrhea. It is caused due to eating contaminated food and due to this infection, the chances of miscarriage is also increased.

Long Term Health Problem

When the patient is having problems for the long term so it can also become a reason of a miscarriage because taking medicines for the long term and being involved in a disease can be dangerous for mother and baby. Following are some of the long-term diseases that include

  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Kidney disease
  • Lungs
  • Thyroid with an overactive gland
  • Thyroid with an underactive gland

Structure of Womb

The structure of the mother’s womb also plays a key role in continuing the pregnancy. If the structure of the mother’s womb is not right so it might cause miscarriage. There are some possible problems that can cause a miscarriage that includes.

* Fibroids (the growth in the womb that is noncancerous).

* A womb that is abnormal in shape.

Cervix Weakened

If some of the cases the muscles of the cervix that is the neck of the womb is weak. This is called the weakened of the cervix or the cervical incompetence. This can be caused due to the previous injury in the surrounding area. This weakened problem can cause the problem of the cervix and that can lead to the miscarriage.

Polycystic ovary syndrome

In this condition the ovaries of a mother a large than a normal size. It is basically caused due to the hormonal changes in the ovaries. PCOS is basically caused due to infertility. This actually means the lower production of eggs. This also increases the risk of miscarriage in women.