Adenoids and Autism


If you’ve seen few symptoms of autism in your kid reading and surfing on the net, but never went for the examination of your kid from any pediatrician about it. You assumed that everything is quite well.  Because your child didn’t show any other signs of autism. Or sometimes you heard of any therapists about autism and without proper diagnosis, you kept visiting therapists.  Proper diagnosis is about scanning of the whole body of your kid. I found an ongoing discussion on an autistic meet-up forum related to adenoids.

What are Adenoids

This is a procedure of a surgery and the adenoids are removed. Adenoids are basically the glands that are located on the roof of the mouth behind the soft palate where the nose connects with the throat. This is a procedure of a surgery and the adenoids are removed. Adenoids are basically the glands that are located on the roof of the mouth behind the soft palate where the nose connects with the throat.

Role of Adenoids

The antibodies (white blood cells) are produced by adenoids that basically help out in fighting with the infections. During adolescence, the adenoids are shrunk and it may also disappear by the adulthood.

Why the Adenoids are Removed

If someone has a frequent infection in the throat so it may cause the enlargement in the adenoids. The enlargement in adenoids can cause various problems that include obstructing in breathing, blockage in the Eustachian tubes, that basically connected with your middle ear with the back of your nose. The tubes of Clogged Eustachian can cause many problems like the ear infection, that affects the child hearing and respiratory health.

Common Symptoms of Adenoids

  • Frequent ear infections and hearing ability is a loss.
  • Sore throat
  • Fasces difficulty in swallowing.
  • Faces difficulties breathing through the nose.
  • Mouth breathing becomes a habit.
  • Sleep apnea is obstructive that basically involves the periodic lapses breathing during a sleep.
  • Sinus infection
  • The individual feel sleepy all day.
  • High blood pressure that affects the lungs.
  • Weight loss and no improvement in weight.
  • Lack of diet.
  • Discomfort in breathing.
  • Have multiple throat infections
  • Cancer (but rarely).

Late Improvement in ASD by Removing the Adenoids

This is true that adenoids play a key role in protecting our mouth from various infections. But when the adenoids are enlarged many people take the decision to remove it by doing a surgery. But this is not the right solution always. We know that the adenoids affect the speech of an individual and started having a speech problem. But if the adenoids are enlarged of an ASD so it is very difficult for the patient to get normal when suffering from autism. Autism patients are already very sensitive in different manners and they need a lot of care in terms of their speech and if they have the adenoids enlargement problem so it may cause different problems and not only this will the individual also take more time to improve in its autism disorder.

What problems the ASD faces in terms of having Adenoids

The patient of ASD face more problems as compare to normal people because it started creating different allergies, speech problems, it also create more problems for the person to speak, another person also is not able to understand the words etc It is already very hard for an autism patient to recover and if the person is involved in adenoid problem so it will also affect the ear, and listen power is also affected along with that the chances of betterment ins autism is also decreased.

Role of Parents when the Child is Involved in Adenoid

As we all know that the autistic children are not normal and they are already facing a lot of difficulties and problems in their everyday life. When the child starts suffering from Adenoid so it means the parents must be very caring and they must pay more attention to their child. Try to provide those things to your child who makes them happy and they do not have to speak a lot so the speech will not get affected that much. It is the responsibility of parents to make the autistic child more comfortable and happy and do not let your child get harsh or angry on anything because once the child will be harsh or angry he will act violently as the ASD children mostly do. So try to create such environment that will make your child happy and relax.

The harsh behavior of an ASD child can badly affect the health of your child and the adenoids will make the condition more worst because when the ASD child suffers from adenoid so the chances of improvement are already slow so this will create more problems for the child.